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Where can I purchase Henrietta Glass?

There are several hundred stores throughout the United States that carry Henrietta Glass. Please consult the state-by-state list below to find a retail location in your area. Each store may not have every design shown on this website, but you can always ask them to order something for you. Additionally, while we try to keep this list current, retail locations come and go. If you find that one of the stores listed is no longer in business, has moved, or is no longer stocking Henrietta Glass products, please let us know.

Henrietta Glass does not sell directly to the public, either via our website, or over the phone.

If there are no locations on the list in your area, you can contact one of our Retail Outlets that have an online store or contacting RISD Works (retail@risdworks.com or 401-277-4949) They are a store in our area that carries most of our products and are happy to ship orders to customers. They are certainly not the only retailer handling our work who takes phone orders. If there is a store on the list that is just a little further than you'd want to drive, you might try asking them about shipping.

Retailers -- if you'd like to be included in this list or need to update your information, please complete our form.

States with locations selling our products:

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